Generation 1 Chapter 2 What Have I Done?

Sorry this post is so short, and kind of choppy.  I haven’t had much time to play the game, but I have the story progression in my head already, so I am trying to move the story line ahead.


Alonzo roamed the cobble stone streets of Monte Vista for hours, lost in his thoughts.

“He can’t close the bakery!  What is he thinking?  I can run it!  Of course, everyone my age is leaving Monte Vista and going to the north, or leaving all together.  It doesn’t matter.  I have got to convince him.  Ah!  That’ll never work.  My father is a stubborn old man. I should have offered earlier to take it over.  He’s been so weak the past few months.  I don’t know.”

The sun was beginning to set, and the breeze blew in from the sea, mixing the salty sea air with the olive trees pungent aroma.  Had he not argued with his father, it would have been a pleasant evening.  Alonzo’s stomach gurgled.  It was nearly the dinner hour.  The bells of the church rang out six times.  “I should go home” Alonzo whispered to himself.


Inside, the house was still, and silent aside from a record playing a slow sad song on the old Victrola.  “Pop?  Mama?” called Alonzo as he walked through the cottage.

He heard sobbing near the staircase.  “Mama?” he called.  Angelica Rossi rushed towards her son, tears in her eyes.

“Mama, Mama what is it?”

“Your father, Alonzo, he, when you left he was angry.  He went out into the garden to pick olives, and I don’t know what happened and when I called him for lunch he was lying face down amongst the trees…”  She burst into tears.


Alonzo put his arms around his mother, unable to speak.  Guilt welled inside of him.  “Where is he?  Is he ok?”

“Alonzo…” his mother sniffed, “He has already been taken to the church.”

Tears streamed down Alonzo’s face.  He hugged his mother and slowly walked into the family garden.


In the garden, Alonzo cried.


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3 Responses to Generation 1 Chapter 2 What Have I Done?

  1. molly says:

    Good chapter. Also the chapter didn’t seem too short to me.

  2. I am always sad when one of my Sims dies… I hope that Alonzo will not leave Monte Vista, but decides to continue the family tradition.

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