Biography of Alonzo Rossi (Generation 1)


Alonzo Rossi was born in the beautiful village of Monte Vista to Benito Rossi, a local baker, and his wife, Angelica Rossi.  As a child, he was popular amongst his school mates and had many friends.  His teachers adored him for his charisma and sense of humor.  As an only child, he was doted on by his mother and father.  He spent his days after school working in the family bakery, and playing in the sun drenched hills, breathing in salty sea and crisp cypress and pine air.

He grew into a strong, very social young man.  He hoped to one day run the family bakery, but when the economy of the village began to crumble, so did his dreams.

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One Response to Biography of Alonzo Rossi (Generation 1)

  1. Hello there!

    I have just found your blog and when I discovered that you’re playing in Monte Vista, I decided that I absolutely want to follow your story!
    In June, I have started playing my first legacy and even I thought that Monte Vista was a cool town!!! What a nice coincidence 😉 If you are interested you can check my blog too 🙂 I am almost at the end of the first generation and I have really enjoyed playing and writing about it so far!

    I am really happy I found you:-)
    Have a nice day,

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